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Outdoor education programs, curriculum based field studies, school camps and recreation programs in four New South Wales locations

Sydney Accommodation

Group accommodation and student accommodation on Sydney Harbour – the perfect place from which to explore all that Sydney has to offer

 A not for profit organisation specialising in Education Outdoors across NSW and Accommodation on Sydney Harbour.

The saying goes ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’ – here at Land’s Edge we epitomise this saying. It’s not unusual to find us out investigating new locations and activities, contributing to industry developments and being leaders in best practise methods.

And because we never sit still, we’re very proud to announce the latest exciting changes that you should know about:

As of 2018 Land’s Edge transitioned into a Not for Profit organisation, now called the Land’s Edge Foundation.

The change in status will allow for three exciting eventualities.

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Lands Edge Foundation

Firstly: as Land’s Edge is no longer privately owned, it allows the organisation to exist in its own right ensuring a positive pathway of existence well into the future.

Secondly: in an industry dominated by Not for Profits and Charities it allows the Land’s Edge Foundation to compete on a more equal footing with much larger organisations.

Thirdly; with long time staff members, Chris Schiller stepping competently into the Chief Executive Officer role and Dale Frankham continuing to fulfil the Director of Land’s Edge Sydney Harbour responsibilities, no adverse changes to the fantastic service the organisation has provided will result.

As our customers would attest, the Land’s Edge Foundation Safety Management System is extremely successful and we like to think it is equal to, if not the best in the industry.

Never resting on our laurels however…..

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Safety Management Certificate


Never resting on our laurels however we looked around for the most in depth and professional safety auditing process we could find – we found it in New Zealand.

Developed in conjunction with both the NZ outdoor industry and NZ government, the auditing process reviewed all our risk and safety management documentation against the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 21101 Adventure Tourism; we passed with flying colours.

It took hard work, some deep thinking and a few refinements to our systems and we now have an updated Safety Management System and Safety Management Plan that will form the foundation of our practice for years to come.

Land's Edge turns 20!

Wow how time has flown! Since it’s humble beginnings in the field of education outdoors, the Land’s Edge Foundation has grown into a leading organisation in the industry.

20 years on…

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Lands Edge turns 20

We are now delivering services to young people from across the country and in some of our states most spectacular locations.

We’d like to thank the fantastic staff, students, teachers, parents and principals that have contributed so generously with their time, effort and a shared belief in the importance and benefits of education outdoors and what it contributes to the wellbeing of young people over this time.

We look forward to working with you all for the next 20 years!


P: (02) 4234 3278 | E: info@landsedge.com.au

PO Box 326, Berry NSW 2535


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